Meet us at GC&E 2013 in Maryland

Hello all, come meet us at this year’s Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Bethesda, MD.

Advancing Green Chemistry and Environmental Health Sciences will have an full day of sessions drilling into how TiPED works, the mechanics of endocrine disruption and how to design against it.

Our session will run on Thursday, June 20, from 10:00 till 4:15.  Please come and bring your toughest questions.

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Chemical and Engineering News Covers TiPED

Designing away endocrine disruption. by Steven Ritter.

A multi­disciplinary research team has created a design tool that walks chemists through the process of developing chemicals that are less likely to elicit hormonal responses in people and animals. It was developed to help chemists and companies, responding to consumer interest, move toward a new generation of inherently safer materials.  Chemical & Engineering News.  11 December 2012.Related: trunnis goggins wife, the villainess lives twice novel spoiler, how to check weapon stats in pubg mobile, postgres refresh materialized view blocking, 461 ashbury street san francisco, ca 94117, sample escrow letter real estate florida, professional email advocating for a change at work, nick lashaway prayer never fails, bruce cassidy first wife, tiburon police officer fired, what is match fixing in football, death charlotte coleman, larry reese obituary, christopher koch new era net worth, where do the sister wives live now 2022,Related: accident on anderson road today, what happened to terence mann in field of dreams, pincremental save editor, doug mastriano events, can i drink coffee while taking terbinafine decadron, buying property in utila honduras, what did george burns died of, blown chevelle for sale, stillwater high school lunch schedule, lauren bernett accident, wake tech baseball schedule 2022, stansted airport lost property auctions, chris hodges, son, michael lovan robinson, university of chicago baseball coaches,Related: do criminal trespass warnings expire in texas, acceptable forms of id for dispensary, warhammer 40k lelith hesperax fanfiction, andy reid daughter crosby, picture of mark levin wife, jema galanza ex before deanna, identify the statements which are correct about trademark, treadmill hire bradford, how to give permissions in minecraft aternos, denotation and connotation are which barriers in communication process, apartments for rent in globe, az with utilities included, will the emergency room remove my iud, can you transit through frankfurt airport covid, helicopter over palos verdes today, uil spirit state championship 2022 pictures,Related: can i mail prescription drugs through ups, what is a fidelity joint wros account, miriam james heidland volleyball, pros and cons of putting father on birth certificate uk, disadvantages of continuity of care in midwifery, manteca news crime today, average residency hours by specialty, jefferson county, il parcel map, jail time calculator new york, cripple creek trophy trout fishing va, daisy and violet hilton son, missouri botanical garden lantern festival 2022, sharpie for tattoo stencil, oven baked mahi mahi, jawaharlal nehru cancer hospital bhopal doctors list,Related: erik married at first sight ex wife, iredell county jail mugshots, carle illinois college of medicine class profile, horden colliery photos, matthew mcconaughey brothers, nathaniel hall obituary, deities associated with bluebirds, mother’s day sermon, burbank airport arrivals directions, humenik funeral home obituaries, unsigned senior basketball showcase 2022 north carolina, jr garage viper crash video, pse nighthawk recurve bow accessories, william tyrrell mother charged, apartment locator houston felony,Related: contact phillies broadcasters, how did wong become sorcerer supreme, pleasanton police activity today, income based apartments charlotte, nc, moen 3375 vs 3372, 50 i believe statements, perry high school football record, pluto runtz strain, why did charlotte north leave duke, work life balance in italy, lucid motors employee benefits, ark metal ingot, goldman sachs exchange place: all cap lp, former wnem tv5 reporters, what happened to spot from texas metal,Related: uniabuja courses and cut off mark, caleb and kelsey net worth, who is opening for my chemical romance 2022, fandango gift card on roku, martin youth center salina ks, has christina whittaker ever been found, can an anglican priest marry a divorcee, hyatt gainey ranch gondola rides, wbnt swap shop, new construction homes in dallas tx under $500 k, neighbour put spikes on shared fence, man jumps in front of train april 2022, list of decertified police officers in virginia, fedex international shipment release import memphis tn, epididymitis foods to avoid inderal,

Developing TiPED: Building the Path Forward.

Designing the next generation of sustainable chemicals

By Thaddeus Schug, for the Environmental Factor, NIEHS, November 2012

Tom Zoeller, Ph.D., Jerry Heindel, Ph.D., and Wim Thielemans, Ph.D.  Heindel, center, goes to work creating a toxic pumpkin, while Tom Zoeller, Ph.D., left, and Wim Thielemans, Ph.D., take part in the fun. (Photo courtesy of Pete Myers)

Scientists committed to developing green solutions for replacing problem chemicals in the marketplace gathered Oct. 15-17 for a meeting on “Building the Path Forward for the Next Generation of Sustainable Chemicals,” held at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Pocantico Center in Tarrytown, N.Y. Read the full article here.Related: hummingbird greek mythology, annulled joe giuliano meghan markle, i hate being a childless stepmom, when did mike tucker remarry, methodist physicians clinic women’s center, barnsley council tax bands, dunkin donuts nutrition calculator, route 6 pub menu, george gantt andalusia, al, marshalltown skywalker stilts parts, poki unblocked 6969, largest suburb in perth by area, missouri drinking laws with parents, bill gates donates 99 percent, resident owned mobile home parks in haines city, florida,Related: jefferson county, arkansas news, satan’s disciples names, minecraft summon entity facing player, waycross journal herald houses for rent, colorado mall shooting, thurgood marshall school of law class profile, charles ross obituary, google colab import ipynb file, aluminum pool deck kits, johnny robert kristofferson, weld county vehicle registration estimator, massachusetts high school softball rankings, 00 buckshot spread at 25 yards, armor sharon olds, jeh johnson mother,Related: rain bird flow sensor troubleshooting, kankakee high school basketball roster, sara haines twin sister, break time fountain drinks, fivem fire department eup, edoardo mapelli mozzi height, grand valley state football walk on tryouts, baptist health payroll department, use others for own gain 12 crossword clue, ken hill obituary, alameda county obituaries 2021, datsun truck for sale california, macomb county death notices, blazer fresh members net worth, united airlines verifly,Related: north carolina drivers license 4a iss, shut don’t go up comeback, what colors look best on blondes with green eyes, jeff fenech parents nationality, barn conversion for sale cambridgeshire, what nationality has olive skin and blue eyes, marvel future fight mind abilities characters, inciting a child to send indecent images, houses for rent in slidell, la, faith in god during pandemic, manatee county driveway requirements, sundry deduction on payslip, niagara falls funeral home obituaries, local news only colleyville arrests, quebec city to prince edward island,Related: spring ws security client example, glamrock freddy x gregory lemon, chai soua vang passed away, woman found dead in home yesterday, upper providence township patch, ron white house austin tx, john phillips attorney net worth, st jude dream home problems, jackson county schools pay scale, lodi basketball tournament, classic accessories wilderness pontoon boat, robert brazile family, news 12 anchors long island, district 46 salary schedule, half pint dancing dolls age,Related: omar bogle family, pylex stair stringer installation instructions, biochemistry major stereotypes, taco tico sauce recipe, diamondback firearms accessories, signature levi strauss s67 athletic, preetha nooyi wedding, gottman attachment style quiz, coachman caravan problems, syracuse wine and chocolate festival, funeral poem for a good cook, dallas auto show 2022 discount tickets, message pour soutenir son homme dans les moments difficiles, southern california bowling tournaments, moti ne permet per 10 dite,Related: george soros obituary, what credit score is needed for brandsmart, david moore knightvest net worth, denise bradley tyson wedding, securing heavy items in a shadow box, how do narcissists keep you hooked, dengineers apply 2022, los angeles restaurants closing permanently, famous characters named paul, chipotle brown rice vs white rice, hedone goddess symbol, columbia restaurant st augustine thanksgiving menu, polarsports odd net, synergist and antagonist muscles, corgi puppies for sale brisbane,

A Little TiPED History: Putting the Protocol Together.

By Thaddeus Schug
April 2011

A representative diagram of the draft screening protocol  unveiled at the meeting
A representative diagram of the draft screening protocol unveiled at the meeting. The protocol is designed in a tiered approach, with rapid and cost effective screens conducted in the early phases and more extensive testing toward the end. (Slide courtesy of Pete Myers)

NIEHS/NTP scientists joined forces with leaders in the field of green chemistry in what may turn out to be a groundbreaking meeting, “Green Chemistry and Environmental Health Sciences — Designing Endocrine Disruption Out of the Next Generation of Materials,” held March 21-23 in Sausalito, Calif.

The challenges facing scientists trying to design such new materials are daunting. Say a chemist has developed a compound that he or she believes could be a replacement for bisphenol A (BPA). How will the scientist determine if the molecule is safer to human health and the environment? What testing will need to be done and what will guide scientists through this process?

The goals of the meeting in Sausalito were ambitious — to develop a consensus statement on the principles that guide the science needed to assess risks of potential endocrine disruptors, and to develop a reliable and rational testing protocol to aid chemists as they develop and bring the next generation of chemicals into the marketplace.

The intersection of green chemistry and environmental health science

Karen O’Brien, Ph.D., from Advancing Green Chemistry (AGC) and Pete Myers, Ph.D., of Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), welcomed participants to the event, which brought together an equal mix of biologists and chemists. Representatives from NIEHS and NTP included Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT) program administrator Jerry Heindel, Ph.D., and Kristina Thayer, Ph.D., director of the NTP Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (CERHR).

Following a social ice-breaking exercise on the evening of March 21, the first full day of the meeting opened with presentations from Terry Collins, Ph.D., the Teresa Heinz Professor of Green Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University, and John Warner, Ph.D., president and founder of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry.

Both Collins and Warner stressed the need for fundamental changes in the way that scientists design new chemicals and the process of bringing them into the marketplace. “We must also pay close attention to the environmental impact and the effects on human health posed by these chemicals, and for those reasons chemists need to work hand-in-hand with biologists,” said Warner. He also stressed that chemists generally have no background in toxicology, but that they need to be able to test the chemicals being developed for endocrine activity and to do it early on in the product development process.

Designing a chemical screening protocol

The remainder of the day was divided into discussion sessions covering each phase of a newly developed screening model, designed by a science advisory board formed by meeting organizers that met monthly, via teleconference, for six months prior to the workshop. The protocol is geared towards identifying a wide-range of endocrine-active chemicals, such as atrazine, BPA, brominated flame retardants, organotins, perchlorates, and phthalates. The Board conducted  interviews with scientists with expertise in specific areas of toxicology, endocrine disruption, and assay development.

The testing paradigm proposed involves a five-tiered approach, starting with the fastest and cheapest assays and working through more specialized tests to determine whether a new chemical has endocrine disrupting characteristics. The initial two phases rely on predictive computer modeling and high-throughput screening to quickly weed out problem chemicals. These tests are followed by more specific in vitro cell-based screening assays with a mind to refining, reducing, and replacing animal testing as much as possible.

The final two phases involve use of fish, amphibian, and mammalian in vivo modeling systems. Overall, the protocol is intended to help green chemists establish a high degree of confidence that the replacements they are developing are unlikely to be harmful to humans or the environment.

The next steps

The meeting wrapped up with discussion on how to proceed with development of the testing protocol as well as plans for implementation. The advisory board plans to use input from the meeting to develop and publish a white paper outlining guidelines that chemists can use to assess the quality of protocols and tests used to assess endocrine disruption.

(Thaddeus Schug, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research fellow currently on detail as a program analyst in the NIEHS Division of Extramural Research and Training. He was part of the NIEHS/NTP delegation and a presenter at the meeting.)


Left to right, Collins, Heindel, and Warner mix ingredients  for a batch of salmon tartare.
Left to right, Collins, Heindel, and Warner mix ingredients for a batch of salmon tartare.  The cooking exercise was used as an ice-breaking event to demonstrate how environmental health scientists and chemists can work together to solve complex issues. (Photo courtesy of Pete Myers)
Laura Vandenberg, Ph.D., left, contributes to the discussion  on assay development, as Tom Zoeller, Ph.D., center, and Wim Thielemans, Ph.D.,  look on.
Laura Vandenberg, Ph.D., left, contributes to the discussion on assay development, as Tom Zoeller, Ph.D., center, and Wim Thielemans, Ph.D., look on. Vandenberg, a postdoctoral fellow at Tufts University, studies the developmental effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals. (Photo courtesy of Pete Myers)
Left to right, Bruce Blumberg, Ph.D., Thayer, and Andreas  Kortenkamp, Ph.D., served as panel members for a discussion on in vitro screening assays.
Left to right, Bruce Blumberg, Ph.D., Thayer, and Andreas Kortenkamp, Ph.D., served as panel members for a discussion on in vitro screening assays. (Photo courtesy of Pete Myers)
A group photo of the meeting attendees.
A group photo of the meeting attendees. The meeting was held at the Cavallo Point Lodge, which sits adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge. (Photo courtesy of Pete Myers)
NIEHS  grantees Andrea Gore, Ph.D., left, and Frederick vom Saal, Ph.D., were among  panel members for the discussion on in  vivo assays.
NIEHS grantees Andrea Gore, Ph.D., left, and Frederick vom Saal, Ph.D., were among panel members for the discussion on in vivoassays. Both Gore and vom Saal are members of  the project’s scientific advisory board. (Photo courtesy of Pete Myers) 

Emerging Environmental Health Science in Green Chemistry

NIEHS Senior Advisor for Public Health John Balbus, M.D., attended the inaugural symposium March 24 for the new University of California, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, entitled “Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches and New Solutions.” Balbus’ talk, “Incorporating Emerging Environmental Health Science in Green Chemistry,” outlined some of the challenges of applying 21st century science to protect public health.

  • How do we harness the potential of unlocking the genome?
  • Can we more accurately predict which chemicals are likely to cause harm?
  • How do we implement our understanding of susceptibility and non-chemical stressors to enhance human health?
  • How can we better incorporate new methods and technologies into science policy?

Balbus proposed that the newly developed Tox21 (, an interagency high throughput screening initiative, is aiming to meet many of these challenges and could be a valuable tool for green chemists. Demonstrating its utility in screening chemicals for disruptions in insulin signaling, Balbus concluded, “Advancements in programs such as Tox21 will eventually allow us to accurately predict how chemicals will impact human health before they are brought into the marketplace.”