Developing TiPED: Building the Path Forward.

Designing the next generation of sustainable chemicals

By Thaddeus Schug, for the Environmental Factor, NIEHS, November 2012

Tom Zoeller, Ph.D., Jerry Heindel, Ph.D., and Wim Thielemans, Ph.D.  Heindel, center, goes to work creating a toxic pumpkin, while Tom Zoeller, Ph.D., left, and Wim Thielemans, Ph.D., take part in the fun. (Photo courtesy of Pete Myers)

Scientists committed to developing green solutions for replacing problem chemicals in the marketplace gathered Oct. 15-17 for a meeting on “Building the Path Forward for the Next Generation of Sustainable Chemicals,” held at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Pocantico Center in Tarrytown, N.Y. Read the full article here.